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York Pennsylvania Photographer


Whether you're enjoying the excitement of dating, ecstatically engaged, already happily married, or expecting a little one, I'm here to capture your special moments. Let's turn a 40-minute session into a fun and memorable experience, freezing those cherished moments in time. No matter where you are in your journey of love, I'm dedicated to creating vibrant and authentic images that reflect your unique connection. For further details and to plan your personalized session, feel free to reach out—I'm excited to be a part of your story!



Elevate your brand or hobby to new heights with our expert branding photo and video services. Whether you're a thriving business or passionate hobbyist, we're here to help you visually stand out. Reach out to us, and let's collaborate to customize a package deal that perfectly aligns with your unique vision and goals. Our goal is to not only capture stunning visuals but to craft a narrative that authentically represents your brand or passion. Let's take your story to the next level through the lens of creativity and professionalism.


York Pennsylvania Photographer


  • What is your photography style?
    I strive to present images that stay true to the colors and atmosphere of the scene, avoiding heavy filters or alterations. This approach not only ensures a timeless quality to the photographs but also allows the true emotions of the subject to shine through. I believe in the power of a photograph to evoke genuine feelings and memories, and my goal is to create images that tell a story by preserving the authenticity of each moment.
  • Do you have backup equipment?
    Rest assured, I prioritize the reliability of my services. I utilize multiple cameras to ensure a seamless backup in case of any unforeseen technical issues. Additionally, I collaborate with a second shooter who comes equipped with her own set of professional gear. This dual approach not only enhances the quality of coverage but also provides a robust contingency plan, guaranteeing the preservation of your special moments.
  • What is your turnaround time?
    During the busy season (May - October) for photography services, my turnaround time is typically 4-8 weeks. In the slower season, from November to April, you can expect a quicker delivery of 3-6 weeks. For video services, regardless of the season, my turnaround time is estimated to be 10-14 weeks. I appreciate your understanding and patience as I work diligently to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail in every project. For engagement and branding photos, my turnaround time is typically 2-3 weeks. However, branding video's can take up to 5-6 weeks.
  • How do we book?
    Booking your special day with us is a simple yet personalized process. Begin by reaching out to inquire and schedule a consultation where we can discuss your vision and preferences. If you decide to move forward, a tailored proposal will be sent your way. To secure your date, we request a signed contract and a 25% deposit. This ensures that your wedding day is officially reserved, allowing us to focus on the meticulous planning and preparation needed to capture your moments seamlessly. We look forward to partnering with you to make your wedding day dreams a reality.
  • Are there additional travel fees?
    Our travel fees are designed to make capturing your moments as convenient as possible. The first hour of travel is complimentary, with an additional fee of $40 for every subsequent hour. For out-of-state events, all travel expenses, including plane tickets and accommodations, will be required. A minimum two-night stay may be necessary. We believe in transparency and will discuss these details further during our consultation, ensuring that every aspect of your photography experience is carefully considered and planned.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Yes, we offer discounts to all first responders and military personnel. Please let us know in the comment section of the inquiry form if you qualify. Thank you for your service!


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